When hotel, motel and resort buyers coordinate interior decor it can require purchasing hundreds of lampshades for rooms, lobbies, dining rooms and common areas, as well as event and business facilities. This often involves customizing the lampshades in size, shape or colour to match aesthetics — whether for remodels, grand openings or replacing any that become damaged or soiled throughout the year.

Jack of All Shades — an Alabama-based resource for custom hardback lampshades that specializes in online sales for the hospitality industry — offers an alternative to ordering from overseas manufacturers or distributors.

“We needed custom lampshades tailored to our handmade lamps in time for our grand opening, and got them at a significant savings,” says Dennis Connolly, director of Operations for Mahogany Bay Resort & Beach Club in Belize — part of Hilton’s Curio Collection. “We wanted the shades to have a tropical, British-colonial look, but with a contemporary feel as well so they had to be custom.”

When Connolly purchased approximately 150 custom lampshades for the resort’s rooms, he turned to Jack of All Shades. The company offers a wide range of hardback lampshade options, which run the gamut in shape, size (from small chandelier type to 72″ oversized) and colour. It also offers a number of fabrics, as well as lampshade fitter types. In order to ensure the shades work properly with every lamp, the company also offers a complete range of fitting types, including spider and washer-with-harp, uno, euro and clip-on.

“The website is simple to use. You can design your lampshade on the website, get expert help by phone if desired, and order the quantities you need,” says Connolly. “We were able to achieve the look we wanted with large, barrel-shaped shades along with a natural, sand coloured, cotton fabric that not only met our color requirements but would also wear well.”

For more info visit jackofallshades.com.


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