Woman paying for meal with her credit card

Hotel loyalty programs transform into sophisticated platforms

By Nicole Di Tomasso Since their debut in 1983 by Holiday Inn and Marriott, hotel loyalty programs have evolved from simple point-based systems to sophisticated platforms. The initial...
Indigenous Sustainable Restoration

ITAC leads the sustainable restoration of Indigenous tourism

By Nicole Di Tomasso With a growing interest in experiential and sustainable travel, Canada is seeing a revitalization of Indigenous tourism, offering both domestic and international travellers an...

AI has moved into utility mode for hotels

By Diego Gomila Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been steadily weaving its way through digital marketing for some time now, from analytics and measurement to chatbots. But while there’s...
Man on vacation with laptop on lap and talking on phone

Hotels adapt to the rise of digital nomads

By Fred Bean The world of work has evolved dramatically in recent years, with the rise of digital nomads who have the freedom to work remotely while travelling...
Cartoon of Business meeting with employees

Travellers seek more flexible options for facilitating business meetings

After more than two years of isolation and endless screen time, hotel operators are finding that, it’s no longer business as usual when it comes to meeting...

The travel-and-hospitality industry takes a holistic approach to operations and guest experience

As consumer values and expectations — as well as ways of being and doing business — continue to evolve, the travel-and-hospitality industry is taking an increasingly conscious,...

Hotels position themselves to reap blended-travel benefits

It’s no secret that the bleisure traveller has re-emerged. The human desire for exploration, combined with a work-from-anywhere revolution, has blurred the boundaries between work and play....

Hoteliers look at innovative ways to manage the labour shortage

The hotel sector is facing greater than ever skills shortages, for a multitude of reasons. Although COVID played a key role in depleting the workforce considerably, the...

Three talent trends companies should watch for in 2023

In the last few years, we have been inundated with events and trends that have profoundly changed us. The pandemic, hybrid and remote work, ‘great resignations’ and...

Those in the tourism and hospitality industries ensure travel is seamless

As pandemic restrictions ease, travellers are back onboard planes, trains and ships. But they’re not onboard with the headaches caused by crowds of “revenge travellers,” constantly changing...