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Green Leadership Awards



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After several years of hiatus, Kostuch Media re-launched its Green Leadership Awards in 2023, recognizing environmental excellence and innovation within Canada’s hospitality industry.

This award acknowledges success in the industry by recognizing businesses that are leading the way in environmental sustainability, earning the distinction as the best in their field.

Criteria and Eligibility

The Green Leadership Awards recognize two hospitality operators — independent or brand (in the restaurant and hotel categories) that have demonstrated innovative efforts to prevent and reduce the environmental impacts of their operations. The company will also demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility. It’s important that the company is viewed as an example of leadership. Please see attached Award Criteria Form for further details. Please note that all nominees are required to submit information on their environmental business practices for evaluation.

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Operators are encouraged to put forward their own nominations for this award, or can be nominated by others. Nominations must be received no later than February 15th, 2024.

Judging Process

A committee including representatives of the hospitality industry and magazine personnel will review all applications received by the deadline. Nominees will be evaluated according to the criteria set out in this Nomination Submission Information Form. The list of references, provided by the Nominee, will be contacted to verify the environmental performance and practices of the nominated suppliers. The final decision of the judges will determine the Green Leadership Award winners. Past winners of the award will serve on the judging panel for the awards the following year.