Quality products and unsurpassed service make Harco the leading name in laundry

Harco has been in the laundry business for more than 50 years and, during that time, our name has become synonymous with quality products and unsurpassed service. We started as a laundry-parts supplier, then added service to install the parts we sold. We added equipment sales and, with the support of having parts and service availability, found a winning combination our customers have come to rely on. These key ingredients led to our selection by major equipment manufacturers such as Maytag, Unimac, Chicago and Whirlpool to be their distributor in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. Harco offers products to various markets but our focus and expertise is on the hospitality industry. We have supported hotel- and motel-chain expansion across Canada since the 1980s. The typical Harco customer quickly realizes that we know and understand their business. We take the time to work through the details so the best solution becomes obvious — then follow that up with detailed plans and implementation strategies.

We understand that laundry is not the primary business our customers focus on and often laundry is seen as just an expense that cannot contribute to a better bottom line. We focus only on laundry — a fact that lets us see creative ways to assist our customers in developing specific action plans that will greatly improve operational efficiency. We’ve found that proper matching of equipment to laundry volume provides a payback for years of operation. Efficient modern equipment will stand up to constant use and provide tremendous returns by lowering utility and labour costs.

There have been many projects in recent years that required skill and knowledge of laundry operations to develop a winning formula. Harco helped the Armour Group in Halifax redevelop its laundry room at the Delta Dartmouth, which recently underwent a multi-million-dollar renovation from a Ramada property to a Delta-branded hotel. Harco took an inefficient laundry room and, without adding to the square footage, created a high-volume laundry room capable of handling the much higher poundage post renovation. Unimac high-speed washers and Unimac dryers in combination with a Chicago Tri-Star ironer/folder/stacker and conveyor system automated many functions associated with processing the linen.

Harco has also completed high-profile projects for other Delta, Alt and Marriot brands. Harco assists local ownership and management develop Canadian solutions that work better than “national-account” programs. We provide the confidence so these groups can rest assured they’ve made the best possible laundry-equipment decision.

The unique combination of Unimac high-speed washers and Unimac dryers with Chicago dryer technology makes for a very efficient laundry operation. The Unimac high-speed washers feature through-the-door Opti-Spray rinses that remove more detergent and chemicals than a traditional bath rinse while using 23-per-cent less water. The Unimac dryers feature Opti-Dry sensors that constantly monitor the moisture left in the load. These sensors stop the drying process when dryness is achieved, saving money in fuel and time and saving wear-and tear on expensive linens. The Chicago Dryer line of flatwork-finishing equipment provides solutions for separating, feeding, ironing and folding flatwork with energy efficiency and speed second to none. The Harco-designed laundry will keep your guests convinced they made the right choice sleeping on your sheets or dining on your white table cloths.

There’s often more than one laundry in a hotel and when a guest needs to do personal laundry at your properly, that experience can say a lot about your facility. Does the guest-laundry space fit the image of your property? Are the washers and dryers operating properly?

Harco offers the Maytag brand of coin-and-card equipment. We offer a combination unit that will accept currency or with a tap of a debit/credit card the cycle will begin. The Maytag brand washer and dryer provides a guest comfort that their laundry will be washed in the best commercial machines available. When you add the convenience of credit/debit operation, you take the hassle out of the transaction so your guest doesn’t need to worry about finding change and the front-desk staff doesn’t need to worry about making change.


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