Harbour Centre Spencer Building - Carrier Hotel Logo

VANCOUVER — The Spencer Building Carrier Hotel has obtained all necessary permits to commence the construction of its state-of-the-art data centre in the heritage section of Vancouver’s Harbour Centre. Following a year of anticipation since the initial announcement, this milestone marks a significant advancement towards meeting the increasing IT infrastructure and connectivity needs of Vancouver’s burgeoning digital landscape.

Currently in its pre-construction phase, Spencer Building Carrier Hotel will fully commence construction in August 2023, with completion and the launch of operations expected in the fourth quarter of 2024. Boasting an innovative, energy-efficient design that will leverage free cooling opportunities, this facility is set to be Vancouver’s most advanced and sustainable data centre, setting new benchmarks within the region’s industry for both technological prowess and ESG compliance.

Overcoming the unique challenges posed by Vancouver’s constrained commercial real-estate market, Spencer Building Carrier Hotel successfully collaborated with Harbour Centre to re-purpose the historic Spencer Building, originally built in 1926. This ambitious project combines heritage architecture with cutting-edge IT infrastructure and connectivity services, providing enterprises, cloud providers, and service providers with the fast, direct connections and expanded capacity required for advanced digital transformations.

As a testament to the strong collaboration between Harbour Centre and Spencer Building Carrier Hotel, the unveiling of an updated logo further solidifies their partnership. The refreshed logo visually captures the strength and essence of the relationship, embodying the meeting point of long-standing history and pioneering innovation.

“The arrival of Spencer Building Carrier Hotel in Vancouver is a testament to our commitment to offering premiere data centre services that are economically viable for our customers and backed by the rich connectivity legacy of Harbour Centre,” says Chris Jones, director of Data Center Infrastructure and Operations at Spencer Building Carrier Hotel. “We’re proud to merge the history and experience of Harbour Centre as Vancouver’s primary interconnection hub with our trailblazing innovations and customized service offerings. This unique blend will re-define the data centre experience, helping us empower businesses and service providers of all sizes.”


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