MECCA — Boasting four helipads, 12 towers and 10,000 rooms, a project in Mecca, Saudi Arabia is slated to become the world’s largest hotel.

Located 2.2 km south of the Holy Haram in Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Abraj Kudai is a $3.5-billion, 44-storey hotel with residences. It will offer 70 restaurants, exclusive floors for royalty, a full-sized convention centre and a six-storey car park for 3,000 cars. There will be a mix of four- and five-star accommodation.

“Due to its unparalleled size, height as well as distinguished location, exposure and architectural style, the building appears as a striking landmark with a profoundly modern multifunctional identity relating to both the Saudi locality and the Islamic universality of its expected users,” describes architecture firm, Dar Al-Handasah, on its website.

The project is due to be completed in 2017.



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