Down Toronto skyline view at twilight
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TORONTO — Betway Group analyzed key cities across North America based on their art scene, nightlife, diversity and commitment to sustainability.

Toronto ranked fifth in the list for its impressive skyline, thriving arts and entertainment scene. With 64 record stores, 65 microbreweries, 240 tattoo studios and more than 100 vegan restaurants, Toronto’s blend of modernity, inclusivity and captivating attractions make it a destination of diverse experiences.

Additional findings include:

  • Portland ranks as the coolest city in North America with a total score of 3.958. The city also ranks first for number of record stores and microbreweries.
  • New York ranks second overall with a total score of 3.904 for its 99 record stores, extraordinary rate of tattoo parlors and 1,089 vegan restaurants.
  • Los Angeles ranks third, with an index score of 3.301, while Seattle completed the top four scoring 2.470.
  • Montreal came in seventh place for its European charm, lively nightlife and delicious food.
  • The coolest cities are becoming increasingly popular with tourists and young professionals. In fact, the top-five cities all saw significant population growth in recent years.


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