TORONTO – The trend towards natural cosmetics is as strong as ever and has also extended to hotel bathrooms.

This has already been demonstrated by  the success of the body care line Green Culture from ADA Cosmetics International, Germany. The consistently favourable response to ‘Green Culture’ – until now only available in the practical press+wash dispenser system – promted Europe’s leading hotels cosmetics manufacturer to introduce a larger selection of the line. The brand was renamed ‘Eco by Green Culture’ and now provides hoteliers with even more green choices for their bathrooms. From shower gel and shampoo to conditioner and body lotion, discerning guests can pamper their skin with gentle cosmetics as well as clear conscience. Accordingly, the products are now available in hotel-appropriate portions in 42ml flacons.

The pH-balanced body care line carries the official eco label for the European Union (EU) and thus demonstrates absolute trustworthiness to guests. The reason: the eco label is awarded only to products that fulfill strict requirements – from the formulation all the way  to the packaging. This is a matter of course for ADA, since the company already adapted its manufacturing processes to resource-efficient and sustainable methods a long time ago.

“We want to make our environmental commitment even more visible to the public – using reputable labels is the most effective way” says ADA’s CEO, Wilhelm Könning. This accomplishment has, yet again, made the company a pioneer in this market.

Absolute Consistency
Eco by Green Culture uses raw materials based on renewable plant materials. In regards to preservatives, the principle is ‘less is more’ – albeit not at the risk of product safety. The added cleaning agents are almost entirely biodegradable, with a mere 0.3 per cent counting as ‘persistent’ or low biodegradable ingredients. This ranks the formulation well below the prescribed limits for cosmetic products. Instead of artificial colouring agents, ADA employs well-tolerated food colours. Silicone oils, paraffin and other questionable additives are omitted. The fresh, green scent with its aromas of invigorating lemon, captivating jasmine and warm amber lends this body care lines an appealing and attractive note. The result: gentle, effective and skin-friendly formulations that are suited even to sensitive skin.

All natural – even the packaging
The environmental approach is not limited to the ingredients. The EU eco-label requires packaging solutions with as little impact on the environment as possible. This concept was already in place with ADA’s ‘Green Culture’ products in the company’s own Press+Wash dispenser system, since the dispensers are made from post consumer recycled PET. The new 42ml flacons are also made from recycled material. The new flip top is very convenient as it allows an easy and efficient product dosage. The fact that this ‘green commitment’ can also look stylish is apparent in the company’s modern, clean flacon design. A fresh, light green combined with cool white and a stylized, colourful floral pattern emanates a natural purity. The green beauty series hair and body shampoo and liquid soap are available in the Press+Wash assortment. The shower gel, hair&body wash, conditioner and body lotion com in 42ml flacons, the bar of soap in a 20g pieces.

Swisssol Inc. Creative Body Care

For more information on Swisssol Inc. and these new products, contact Paul Weber at 1-705-687-5445 or visit  

Swisssol Inc. is an Ontario-based leading provider of high quality and eco green hotel amenities designed to enhance the guest experience. The company currently sells 15 product lines: from classic applications to premium body care – all available in standard hotel sizes as well as in environmentally friendly dispenser system Press+Wash. The company was co-founded by Paul Weber, who has over 30 years experience in the international hotel industry.

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