TORONTO — A survey crowned Vancouver as the most expensive city in Canada for hotel lodging.

The travel website averaged the rate of the cheapest double rooms at 30 destinations across the country.

The survey weighted average costs from June 1 to 30, 2016 at centrally located hotels averaging at least a three-star rating and garnering positive guest reviews.

Results showed travellers spent an average of $164 per night in Vancouver for the least expensive double room.

Toronto took second place with a $152 per night average and Halifax, N.S., rounded out the top three with a price tag of $148 per night.

The top ten most expensive Canadian urban destinations are:

1. Vancouver (B.C.) $164
2. Toronto (Ont.) $152
3. Halifax (N.S.) $148
4. St. John’s (Nfld.) $146
5. Calgary (Alta.) $142
6. St. Catharines (Ont.) $138
7. Kingston (Ont.) $137
8. Richmond (B.C.) $134
9. Laval (Que.) $127
10. Windsor (Ont.) $127


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