New booking engine allows meeting planners to make and manage multiple hotel bookings from a single web location.

On any given day, a meeting planner’s to-do list can be overwhelming.  From finding event venues and selecting enticing menus to attracting attendees and keeping track of hotel bookings, the tasks can be time-consuming and energy draining.  
Finding ways to simplify these tasks is very important to the busy meeting planner, and critical to the success of an event.  That is why Passkey, the worldwide leader in hotel booking technologies, is launching its new Multi-Room Booking tool, an industry first that promises to simplify the cumbersome hotel booking process for meeting planners.
A new addition to Passkey’s GroupMAX platform, the embedded Multi-Room Booking tool offers meeting planners an efficient way to quickly enter and manage multiple reservations in a secure online environment, supplanting the need for them to create, manage, modify, send and re-send Excel spreadsheets.
The Multi-Room Booking tool’s user-friendly web design allows planners to populate default booking data, bulk modify and instantly manipulate reservation details, all from a single location online. From that same screen, planners can view live data about their room blocks, helping them confirm reservations instantly, as well as assign guests to designated room types based upon actual availability. 
Once reservations are processed, personalized confirmation emails are sent to each guest, instantly alerting them that their hotel booking has been made.
“Tapping into the simplicity of cloud computing, Passkey is excited to be the first to bring a tool of this kind to market,” commented Greg Pesik, president and CEO of Passkey. “By making life easier for meeting planners, we are in essence helping hotels, destinations and event management companies deliver more successful events to their clients.  Our new Multi-Room Booking tool is a case in point; it will generate vast productivity gains and drive tremendous cost savings for our customers and their clients.”
Importantly, for events that entail allocating specific blocks of rooms to specific event affiliates such as exhibitors, VIPs or sports teams, a practice called sub-blocking, each sub-block contact will now be able to enjoy the convenience of booking their own rooms in their own sub-blocks online.  Allowing sub-block groups to proactively self-manage their specific room blocks for an event significantly reduces the amount of time, risk and resources involved in managing complex, multi-faceted events.
As an added benefit, meeting planners can leverage integrated delegate profiles to easily manage bookings for attendees who attend multiple events.  
The Multi-Room Booking tool will be available to all Passkey licensees by year-end 2011.

About Passkey International, Inc.
Passkey ( is the travel industry’s de-facto standard hotel booking technology for meetings and events.  The Company’s cloud-based platform, GroupMAX, is used by thousands of hotels, destinations and meeting planners worldwide to manage the hotel accommodation process for events of every size.  At the heart of GroupMAX is the ability for clients to offer event-specific web/mobile booking sites for event attendees to book their hotel rooms online while enjoying multiple stay and upgrade options.  With offices in the US, the UK and Singapore, the Passkey global network now includes over 90% of major US and UK Convention and Visitors Bureaus, as well as a wide range of hotels, casinos, resorts, meeting planners, corporations and meeting management companies.      

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