TORONTO — The City of Toronto has selected The Ontario Tourism Education Corporation (OTEC) to develop an online education program to motivate and inspire service providers to welcome visitors.

In 2011, OTEC developed the “Welcome to Toronto – We’ve Been Expecting You” (WBEY) training and engagement program for service providers in the tourism, hospitality, retail and transportation industries. To date, more than 2,000 participants from Toronto businesses have participated in the training program.

Building on the success of WBEY, OTEC will develop an online program to motivate front-line service providers to be more proactive when welcoming visitors. The program will include elements from the original initiative as well as new modules on “Getting to Know Toronto” and information on major upcoming events. 

OTEC is an Ontario-based independent, not-for-profit training organization, which delivers creative solutions for the workforce.


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