For most people, shutting down the backyard pool is a sad and sobering time of year. Summer threatens to fade away and winter looms — taking away the fun in the water under the sun. Fortunately for hotel and resort managers, the opposite is true. As guests arrive, check in and tour the amenities, there is nothing quite like seeing the fresh, clear blue water of a pristine indoor pool to leave the cold of winter outside where it belongs. Walking up to that glass and seeing that wondrous summertime fun in the dead of winter is comforting and inviting. For hotels, winter is the time of year to adjust attention from the grounds outside to the beauties of what’s offered indoors. That means giving that indoor pool a hard look and deciding whether it needs to get with the times, stop being the modern “colour TV” sign and start properly utilizing some seriously valuable space.

Interestingly, 50 per cent of hotel guests intend to use the facilities, but only 20 per cent do. Of course, there are many reasons for this, but one is that sometimes the facilities — such as the indoor pool — are not as enticing to guests as they could be. Broken marbelite, dangerous steps and ladders and general aesthetics are enough to drive guests to think twice. It’s a tough decision to face, but sometimes an upgrade can make a world of difference. It’s not always necessary to consider full renovation — sometimes resurfacing, coping or tile repair, or general equipment service/repair may be enough to get that pool back in working order. A professional would be able to determine what’s necessary.

Although taking on something as large as a pool renovation can be intimidating, finding the right company for the job can make the decision much easier. Cheryl Sibany of the Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club asked herself this question and decided the aging indoor pool needed some work. She enlisted Blue Diamond Pools for the club’s marbelite-restoration project in order to bring the pool back to life. On budget, earlier than estimated and with a professional and intriguing process for club members to watch, Sibany got all she asked for and more.

“The quality of workmanship was evident from the outset, with your team assembled to tackle this job …The overwhelming consensus was that we were in good hands, evidenced in the quality of tradesmen and flow of work.”

In addition to providing an indoor oasis for your seasonal guests, winter is also an opportune time to make the necessary repairs so that during the busier seasons your guests can return to a newly renovated luxury experience.

And, as always, ensure you’re doing things correctly and safely. Blue Diamond Pools has the professional experience to complete your indoor pool repair or installation correctly on time and on budget.

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