BETHESDA, Md. — Apple Pay is coming to U.S. Marriott properties this summer.

Guests using Apple Pay in U.S. locations will be able to hover their iPhone (or soon, Apple Watch), near a contactless reader at the front desk to pay.

“Approximately 75 per cent of our guests travel with one or more mobile devices, and [that number] is even higher among 25- to 35-year-olds — a group that will make up a much larger proportion of our guests over the next three years,” said George Corbin, SVP, Marriott Digital. “Millions of customers already use Marriott Mobile to quickly book a hotel, check in or check out. Now, Apple Pay can make it virtually effortless.”

Meanwhile, the Bethesda, Md.-based brand is set to launch a separate app for Apple Watch. Guests will use it for advance check-in, to receive a notification when their room is ready and to check out.

In 2013, Marriott introduced mobile check-in, as well as a test app in select properties that lets guests use their smartphones to make service requests and dinner reservations.


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