LONDON, Ont. — Lerners LLP has filed a proposed class-action suit against Aviva Insurance Company of Canada on behalf of hotels across Canada whose insurance coverage for loss of business income relating to COVID-19 has been denied by Aviva. Several hotel chains are affected, including Best Western, Home 2 by Hilton and Hampton Inn.

This applies to all hotels that were insured under a commercial insurance policy issued by Aviva pursuant to the Hotel Program. The suit alleges Aviva was “in breach of contract when it denied the hotels’ loss of business income coverage after the federal and provincial governments declared states of emergency, restricting their business, due to the outbreak of COVID-19,” the law firm said in a statement.

Owners and management of hotels with an insurance policy issued by Aviva that were denied loss of business income coverage are asked to contact Anthony Bedard at [email protected] or 519.640.6337.


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