HALIFAX, N.S. — Holloway Lodging Corporation has launched Holloway Lodging Management Services (HLMS), headed by industry veteran and Holloway RVP Ian Hurst.

HLMS offers flexible terms on the length of contracts, performance-based fees and no chargebacks. The new division was originally launched to hotel brands, lenders and brokers and is now getting the message out to individual owners and developers. With flexibility on the term of the contract, HLMS will appeal to owners who value the option of a quick exit should they intend to sell their hotel unencumbered or otherwise have short-term management requirements.

Hurst says it also shows commitment to the long-term client, as HLMS “will have to earn its keep every day.” A fee structure, which incorporates NOI, demonstrates HLMS is committed to managing costs. A third component of the offering is the lack of chargebacks to the hotel. Whereas competitors typically charge travel, sales and other expenses back to the hotel owner, HLMS fees are strictly performance- based and tied to revenue and NOI.


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