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Hot new hotel tech from the world’s largest hospitality technology show

tripteaseANALYZE THIS 
The Triptease platform, which helps hotels increase direct bookings, integrates with a hotel’s website and booking engine, analyzing guest behavior and delivering targeted messages to increase conversion. Triptease’s first innovation was the Price Check tool — a widget on a hotel’s booking engine — which shows guests live prices from three competing OTAs (online travel agencies). When integrated into the comprehensive Triptease Data Platform, the Price Check widget optimizes conversion and increases direct bookings for hotels. Hotels are also able to add features, such as displaying the key benefits guests receive when booking direct (e.g., free WiFi, room upgrades, early check-in). Triptease


vuTyme by ADB joins LG Electronics USA’s Pro:Centric Partner Program to provide hoteliers with more in-room entertainment device choices. Hoteliers can enjoy the unique benefits of the vuTyme interactive TV platform from ADB while preserving their investment in LG equipment installed in the majority of leading U.S. hotels. Through this alliance, vuTyme’s cloud-based software will run on LG’s Pro:Centric devices — including integrated IPTVs — thereby eliminating the need for an external set-top box and avoiding exhaustive approval processes required to add new devices at a hotel. vuTyme, an end-to-end, managed-services iTV solution for hotels, delivers a complete set of services, such as live TV, VOD, PPV, concierge, digital signage and targeted advertisements. It also features a Searchable Interactive Program Guide (IPG), Over-the-Top (OTT) services access such as Screencasting from BYOD, direct-to-guest messaging through the TV, local attractions map with QR Code and Pause/Rewind/Record/Fast-Forward LIVE TV. ADB




Chargerback, Inc. provides web-based lost-and-found solutions in partnership with airlines, hotels, amusement parks and other related hospitality venues. The Chargerback software solution, which helps hotels assure items are returned quickly and efficiently to their rightful owner, is a PCI compliant, cloud-based, software providing a complete end-to-end solution for lost and found operations — available at no cost to properties. Chargerback offers hotels the ability to collect lost item reports, record items found on the property, communicate with guests and print pre-paid USPS or FedEx shipping labels directly from the system. The company offers a cash incentive when guests pay to have their item shipped back, which turns the typically revenue-sucking lost and found department into a revenue generator. Chargerback, Inc.


kubeessentialsALL CHARGED UP
The new multi-device charger for guestrooms from Kube Systems features unmatched versatility in its charging output. The Kube Essentials alarm clock with multi-function LCD display power can charge all mobile electronics — including smartphones, tablets, cameras and wearable technologies — and its AC output enables guests to charge laptops as well. Kube Essentials built-in charging cables are also upgradeable to next generation charging formats, including USB Type-C (reversible plug capability). The unit features rapid charge smart USB Ports and an optional Qi wireless charging pad can easily be added to Kube Essentials, enabling guests to drop and set their mobile device on a large four-inch surface, securely holding and powering any size mobile device. Kube Systems


Savioke’s Relay, an autonomous delivery robot for service industries, can fulfill room delivery requests, thanks to its wheeled platform with sensors for navigating hotel floors and elevators. After a guest calls the front desk to request an item, the staff member loads the item into Relay’s bin and enters the guest’s room number. Relay quickly travels to the guest room, navigating tight hallways, crowds and elevators. Relay calls the guest via the hotel’s phone system and announces that the delivery has arrived.  When the guest opens the door Relay opens the bin for the guest to retrieve the delivery.  Relay then travels back to his docking station. Savioke



iMediaCast from Bittel enables guests to effortlessly mirror and stream content from their mobile devices to the in-room TV. iMediaCast is intuitive and comes with four wired connection options that support most mobile devices, along with a wireless connectivity module that supports Miracast and Airplay. It connects easily to the existing TV’s HDMI port and does not require network or TV upgrades. Guests can access content using their own LTE or 3/4G network or be given access the hotel’s Wi-Fi network. Initial modules support wired connections, and add-on modules for wireless content and charging are available. Bittel



NETHERLANDS-based Novility, a global innovator in smart training technology, has launch two new products — Novility L.I.V.E. (Learning in Virtual Environment) and Novility P.A.L. (Portable Accelerated Learning).

Novility L.I.V.E. is a comprehensive training program delivered in a simulative hotel environment that focuses on core operating procedures, ergonomic training and English language essentials. It is an interactive learning tool based on motion-tracking and speech-recognition technologies. The training enhances employee productivity and performance in highly demanding day-to-day hotel operations whilst achieving safer work practices and reducing injury rates. Novility P.A.L. is a compact and flexible training solution which increases operational productivity, covering the core procedures of an employee’s job role. It is delivered through a mobile application that allows training to be easily accessible on the go, suitable for demanding schedules. Novility

As part of its vuTyme iTV platform launch, ADB has introduced DVR-Lite, which allows hotel guests to pause, rewind, fast-forward and record live TV. The system is designed to prolong the service life of a solid state drive (SDHC memory card) used in connection with a DVR to increase the life-span of the device from four to seven times, depending on various factors such as configuration, quality of video being recorded and type of memory. DVR-Lite enables time-shift playback using off-the-shelf SDHC memory cards versus expensive spinning hard drives and do so using patented technology that greatly improves life-cycle and reliability. ADB


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