LONDON — Japanese food is winning over the world, according to a recent worldwide food survey of more than 27,000 travellers who rank Italian food (32 per cent) best, followed by French (24 per cent) and Japanese (18 per cent) not far behind.

“Japanese food is seen as great example of healthy eating, and there are a variety of Japanese restaurants in every multicultural capital,” said Alison Couper of “I’m a big fan of Japanese and not surprised at its elevated ranking. The fact that it beat more traditional holiday dishes such as tapas and burritos is testament to the world-class reputation of Japanese chefs.”

Asian countries were dominant on the list of ‘World’s Best Food When On Holiday,’ with China (13 per cent) in fourth place, followed by Thailand in eighth (eight per cent) and Taiwan in ninth (five per cent). Current food trends are reflected in other picks such as Spain (11 per cent) where tapas is popular and the U.S. (10 per cent) where the gourmet burger trend is in overdrive.

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