Consulate of Mexico and the B.C. Hotel Association Unveil Labour Mobility Pilot Project

VANCOUVER — In a major effort to combat the pressing workforce shortage in British Columbia’s hospitality industry, the B.C. Hotel Association (BCHA) has partnered with the Government of Mexico to launch an innovative mobility pilot project, which will place 100 Mexican workers in accommodations across the province. This initiative not only addresses labour shortages but also ensures the safe and streamlined mobility of Mexican workers, providing them with invaluable opportunities to enhance their skills and training.

Mexico’s National Employment Service of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, in coordination with the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico, will lead recruitment efforts, while BCHA’s Workforce Strategist, Alison Langford, will support by identifying hiring employers and placements. Individual contracts will be formalized between each employer and their selected candidate, with workers receiving on-the-job training and adequate housing. All employers will be compliant in completing a Certificate of Registration under the Temporary Foreign Worker Protection Act and must be members in good standing with the BCHA and Service Canada.

Following the initial workforce placements, a six-month review will be conducted to ensure compliance of all conditions.

“The BCHA is strongly committed to delivering innovative and results-oriented solutions to support our industry’s workforce needs and following the overwhelming success of partnerships with the Consulate of Barbados and the Consulate of El Salvador, we enthusiastically celebrate another mutually beneficial partnership that will introduce a safe employment pathway for international workers,” says Ingrid Jarrett, president & CEO of the BCHA. “We have a long-standing appreciation for Mexico, its people, and its rich culture. Above all, we hold immense respect and appreciation for the Mexican workforce, whose contributions have historically played a vital role in our province’s thriving hospitality sector.”

“Together, we celebrate this partnership between the Consulate of Mexico and the B.C. Hotel Association that will empower Mexican workers through valuable international training opportunities,” says Consul General, Berenice Diaz Ceballos. “The activities Mexican workers will engage in during their contract period at diverse workplaces will not only enhance their skills and qualifications but also strengthen their employability in Mexico. By gaining higher technical knowledge, language proficiency, and enriched work profiles, they will be equipped with the tools to seize new opportunities upon their return. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to fostering professional growth, labour mobility and creating a brighter future for Mexican workers.”


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