In today’s world, people travel more than ever. Travellers venture far and wide and expect top-notch service from hotels — whether they’re attending a conference or on vacation. With many choices of where to stay, how will your hotel stand out? You can set yourself apart with innovative display technology that makes life on-the-go easier for your guests.

When choosing a hotel, busy travellers want access to cutting-edge technology for a seamless experience in their interactions with the hotel. With digital-display solutions from Samsung Electronics Canada, there are many different options for hotels to provide a modern and impressive experience for guests from check-in to check-out.

Creating a Warm Welcome

The tone of a hotel lobby informs guests about the experience they can expect during their stay. From the moment they enter a hotel lobby, travellers absorb an overall tone from each piece of a well-designed space. So many decisions go into curating a welcoming environment and decor is a high priority.

The Samsung LED display is a unique design element that offers the opportunity to change the mood of a space by varying the content based on different times of day or events hosted at a hotel, giving an immediate “wow” factor to the space.

The LED display elevates the guest experience by providing a unique and memorable setting. This technology is a visually appealing statement piece that greets guests with an entertaining experience, doubling as a hotel-information service. It can be installed in a variety of sizes, flat or on curved walls and ceilings, to meet your unique spatial needs and aesthetic preferences. An example of this technology is seen with Fantasyland Hotel’s latest lobby upgrade using Samsung’s The Wall in its breathtaking lobby.

“Samsung as a hospitality solution helped modernize our property to provide a seamless and personalized experience for every guest,” says Fantasyland hotel general manager, Mukesh Amerkar. “The moment you walk in the lobby, it’s “wow.” And it shows in the customer’s feedback, which we get quite a lot.”

Curated Information for your Guests

As your customers arrive, interactive touch-display screens allow them to check themselves in, shortening wait times. Furthermore, travellers can use the screens to easily find their way around a larger hotel property with multiple facilities. The LED screen offers them the latest information on the weather, local and hotel attractions.

In key traffic areas of the hotel, premium, durable Samsung Large Format displays can optimize operations and message quality. The screen content is managed from one control centre and can be programmed to make sure your guests are getting informed in a timely manner. The screens can also include answers to commonly asked questions — information your customers would otherwise need to obtain by queuing up at the hotel desk. Dust-resistant and glare-free, information is clear, no matter where it’s displayed. The LFD PMH Series displays reduce interference from natural and ambient light, optimizing readability in any situation.

Finally, when guests reach their room, you have another opportunity to make them feel welcome.  Samsung Hospitality TVs offer accurate and lifelike screen resolution, with brilliant colour, clarity, picture quality and sound. Each display includes an intuitive, customizable home menu that streamlines content exchange between hotels and guests. Content managers can easily incorporate unique content specific to each guest’s needs and reinforce special offers and hotel branding.

Leading Technology

Hotels need to stay at the forefront of new and burgeoning technology in order to maintain a competitive edge. Premium digital solutions from Samsung Electronics Canada offer the latest digital-display technology designed to make life and business easy and more accessible.

Samsung Electronics Canada can work with you to create a digital-display solution that will meet your needs and provide a welcoming experience to guests to encourage a high retention rate.

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