Are you on the wellness bandwagon yet? This trend isn’t going anywhere, particularly with each new generation demanding healthier foods and more-restorative programs when selecting their hotels. 

Under the wellness umbrella, you can, and should, make incremental improvements in line with what your core audiences want from your hotel when it comes to wellness. The three key areas for implementation are in-room, on-property and community partners. 

Sleep programs are now universally recognized as a strong value-add. Who wouldn’t want to have access to in-room features such as as sleep-inducing lighting, special mineral-infused relaxation showers or even a pillow concierge? 

Or how about fitness? Programs such as Hilton’s Five Feet to Fitness” will prove to be phenomenal drivers for loyalty and for urban, short-term travellers. 

The food revolution knows no bounds and upgrading your restaurants, bars and in-room menus to be more amenable to the diverse array of dietary proscriptions and the newfound demand for healthy eating is worthy of its own article. The same is true for the spa, which is going through its own transformation into the more encompassing ‘wellness centre.’ 

But these endeavours must be initiated within the context of the property. A fitness centre at an economy hotel need not focus on more group classes with high-profile instructors or free strength assessments, but instead might investigate how to supply guests with loaner exercise clothing. Brands such as Fairmont, Trump and Westin are already doing this quite successfully. 

On the other hand, many hotels that strive to be more aspirational are going the experiential route with healthy-cooking classes, on-property vegetable-gardening tutorials, customized herbal-tea creations, personal-training sessions, spa treatments involving an interactive component, aromatherapy, personalized meditation programs and even DNA-based wellness itineraries. 

Partnering with local vendors allows hoteliers to tap into a much larger network of possible wellness experiences. As examples, Hyatt now has a new well-being program, “FIND,” and has set up some truly remarkable once-in-a-lifetime packages. This becomes critical when you don’t have the facilities or the staffing capacity.



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