Photo of Bill Knowlton

OTTAWA — Bill Knowlton is the recipient of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada’s (TIAC) prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award for 2022.

Knowlton is a seasoned professional and accomplished leader with more than five decades in the industry. His storied career has taken him from tour directing for Tauck Tours in the ’70s to becoming a partner at Jonview Canada, where he was instrumental in growing the company to become one of the country’s leading inbound receptive tour operators. Knowlton served as Jonview’s EVP from 2017 to 2022, after leading sales, marketing and product development for almost three decades as VP of Marketing and Sales. He pioneered the expansion of the company’s product base, introducing a new product approach to cater to the emerging market for independent travellers.

Other career highlights include a decade at Transpacific Tours (TPT) Canada as director of Marketing and Sales, where he was well known for his instinct in developing innovative product and finding the right distribution channels to drive sales. Knowlton has also been a major contributor to tourism boards, such as Destination Canada and Destination Ontario, and an active member of various committees and volunteer organizations that have led towards overall industry improvement.

“This award, recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution of energy, service and talent towards the growth of the Canadian tourism industry,” says Beth Potter, president & CEO of TIAC. “I can think of no one who has better exemplified the values of dedication, integrity and leadership – as well as passion for our beloved industry – over the years, than my colleague and friend, Bill.”

“I am privileged to be in the company of the extremely significant individuals who have previously been honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award,” says Knowlton. “Our Canadian tourism industry is vast, touching every part of the country, and supported by hundreds of thousands of dedicated individuals who are welcoming, sincere, exciting, and creative. These individuals embody the spirit of Canada – I am just one of them and it has been a thrill to be part of this vibrant industry driven by so many passionate Canadians.”


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