LONDON, U.K. — The London,U.K.-based maker of sleep pods, Podtime, is launching a new series of sleep-pod hotels, according to UK-based Telegraph.

“We have a couple of deals to build these hotels in Tel Aviv, Israel and Helsinki, Finland,” Jon Gray, founder of Podtime, told The Telegraph. “And we’re looking very closely at launching ‘Podtels’ in airports.” Podtime has signed a deal with GalaxyStar Manufacturer to develop these new hotels, with one being tested in Moscow.

The sleep-pod hotels will come equipped with a double bed, built-in TVs, lighting and power sockets. Cheaper than a small hotel room, the Podtels will fall somewhere between a hostel and hotel.

To date, Podtime has sold 250 sleeping pods to companies such as Facebook and Nestlé. []


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