MONTREAL — Airbnb has released a study, highlighting positive impacts it has had on the Montreal community.

“Montreal residents have established a vibrant Airbnb community, sharing unique experiences with travellers from around the world and forging strong local community connections in Montreal,” said Aaron Zifkin, country manager, Airbnb Canada. “Airbnb is having a clear, positive impact on the Montreal market as well as the city’s tourism industry, neighbourhood businesses and local households.”

Highlights of the study:

  • Airbnb guests stay in Montreal an average of five nights and spend $909 over the course of their trip, compared to a typical visitor who stays an average of 2.7 nights and spends $760.
  • Airbnb guests (89 per cent) stated they want to “live like a local,” with 85 per cent using Airbnb to explore specific neighborhoods outside of central Montreal. More than half the guests also visited Quebec City on the same trip (63 per cent).

The study found that the Airbnb community contributed $54.6 million to economic activity in one year in Montreal.

The study released examined data on Airbnb rental activity in Montreal for the 12 months from April 2013 to March 2014. For more details from the study, click here.


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