VANCOUVER — Taking inspiration from the hotel’s natural surroundings, the team at the DOUGLAS, Autograph Collection in Vancouver is inviting a diverse range of storytellers from across the country to showcase their work. The hotel will feature one artist per month.

The new ‘Storyteller in Residence’ program celebrates diversity by providing artists and creators with a platform to share their work outside of their usual environment. The Living Room area of the DOUGLAS lobby will feature storytellers from a spectrum of mediums including art, photography, music, podcasts, and more throughout the year.

To launch the program, Canadian muralist Effie Theodosiou, owner and illustrator of lzysunday, designed a nature-inspired mural, available for public viewing on the sixth-floor Park level throughout the month of August. Depicting all the best parts of Vancouver, Theodosiou incorporates simplified outlines of Vancouver landmarks such as the iconic TELUS World of Science sphere and Vancouver Harbour Centre and lookout. The buildings and skyline, portrayed against a muted orange sunset, seamlessly merge into the silhouettes of mountains and trees, showcasing how Vancouver and nature become one.

As a pilot for this program, the DOUGLAS worked with Vancouver-based destination-wedding photographers, Jeff and Cat of The Apartment Photography in July. Guests were invited to view a gallery of their work displayed in the Living Room, and to take part in a Marriott #LoveTravels program with postcards featuring photography from The Apartment and mailing their messages of love.


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