TORONTO — Muskoka Grandview Resort, formally known as the Delta Grandview, is now being managed by The Lodges at Blue Mountain Corporation (LBM).

Sheldon Rosen, founder, The Lodges at Blue Mountain Corporation, whose company’s growth has averaged 50 per cent, per year, over the last five years, says LBM’s move into Muskoka is exciting. “I’m especially looking forward to working with one of the region’s most eminent and favourite resorts — one that carries many traditions and memories for generations of yearly visitors,” he said.

Rosen, whose background includes launching the Snapple and Arizona iced-tea brands into Canada, says the change in management also meant that team restructuring was needed. “New staff has been hired, [as] previous staff who worked for Delta were terminated in February 2012.”

All vacation rental responsibilities will now be handled by LBM, as the resort strengthens its reputation as a world-class lodging facility. LBM is the largest and fastest-growing independent vacation-rental company with more than 120 properties in its portfolio that range in value from $100,000 to $1.5 million.

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