TORONTO — Fairmont Hotels & Resorts has released a new book called Grand by Nature, published by Skira and authored by Claire Wrathall and Claire-Marie Angelini-Thiennot. The book spans more than 300 pages and 500 illustrations and photographs, sharing stories of Fairmont’s historic beginnings, the brand’s leadership in sustainable hospitality and its star-studded legacy.

Designed in three chapters – Origins, Architecture and Soul – Grand by Nature recounts Fairmont’s most captivating stories. In Origins, readers will discover how Fairmont inspired the birth of Canada’s national parks such as Banff and Jasper; in Architecture, how Fairmont imported château style to North America; and in Soul, how Solomon R. Guggenheim would display his art collection before his eponymous gallery was built – at the same hotel where New York Fashion Week was born.

Grand by Nature tells the story of Fairmont in the most beautiful way possible – by weaving together the stories, images and archival material collected over the past 135 years. Within these pages are the fascinating tales of moments that defined our culture, celebrated pivotal occasions, and even changed the course of history,” says Mansi Vagt, Global Brand Leader & vice-president, Fairmont Brand. “This book is a tribute to the generations of Fairmont colleagues who, by putting their hearts and souls into creating unforgettable experiences for our guests, time and again, have created a truly iconic brand. We also look forward to the next century and to the extraordinary tales and momentous moments that await as we open grand new hotels around the world.”

The book narrates tales from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, such as those involving Queen Victoria’s ambitions; Frank Lloyd Wright’s personal room re-design; Guccio Gucci’s humble beginnings as a lift boy; a broken strap on Marilyn Monroe’s gown; and star appearances from Madonna to Rihanna.

The title, Grand by Nature, includes a meaningful double-entendre referencing Fairmont’s palatial structures and interiors set amid spectacular natural backdrops – a juxtaposition for which Fairmont is famous – and the brand’s industry-leading commitment to environmental sustainability.

“We literally found a treasure in our cellar: the Fairmont’s archives… full of pictures, stories, love, objects, celebrities, positivity, world leaders and world firsts. We absolutely had to get those stories out,” says Jean-Guilhem Lamberti, Chief Creative Officer, Accor. “Images of stylish waiters with silver platters, delivering refreshments on bicycles and serving on frozen lakes; treating bear cubs as guests; celebrities in residence; world leaders caught in fun moments; the first American Fashion Week. The list is so long that we have only been able to reveal a small portion in this first book.”


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