VANCOUVER — JustKitchen Holdings Corp. announced the launch of three satellite ghost-kitchen locations, named The Spokes, within Marriott’s Courtyard Taipei Downtown and the Madison Taipei hotels and the Trader’s Society restaurant located in the Shongshan District of Taipei City. The establishments offer more than 20 delivery-only menus to customers in these areas.

Operations began June 15, and JustKitchen is using a mobile app in addition to the delivery companies’ apps to generate orders. The ghost kitchens will operate on a month-to-month basis, and JustKitchen will pay the hotels and restaurant a fee based on a percentage of sales.

“Thinking creatively to identify these opportunities and enter into these low-risk yet mutually beneficial arrangements demonstrates how JustKitchen is agile and can work with established companies to maximize the use of their assets without compromising their core businesses,” says Jason Chen, co-founder and Chief Executive Office of JustKitchen. “For establishments in the food and beverage industry that have been temporarily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, or simply have an ongoing excess of commercial kitchen capacity, we’re ready to help them generate cash flow while offering our growing portfolio of proprietary and third-party food brands to new customers.”

In the future, JustKitchen might explore similar agreements with additional restaurants, hotels and other institutions with underutilized commercial kitchens.


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