TORONTO – Heinz Ketchup is going green again –this time in a way that will help protect the planet and the environment. On February 23, 2011, The Coca-Cola Company and H.J. Heinz Company announced a strategic partnership that enables Heinz to produce its ketchup in bottles using Coca-Cola’s breakthrough PlantBottle packaging .

As the second phase of Heinz’s global PlantBottle packaging rollout, Heinz Tomato Ketchup –Canada’s Favourite Ketchup– in PlantBottle packaging started arriving in foodservice establishments across Canada beginning January 2012. This 575 ml Heinz Ketchup bottle uses up to 30% plant-based material and is recyclable as ever. Sporting a special “talking label”, Heinz Ketchup asks consumers to “Guess What My Bottle Is Made Of”. 

Heinz Ketchup in a 750 ml size PlantBottle package will begin to appear on grocery store shelves in April 2012. Ultimately, all sizes and varieties of Heinz Ketchup sold in bottles in Canada will convert to PlantBottle packaging.

Heinz’s adoption of PlantBottle technology is the biggest change to its iconic ketchup bottles since they first introduced plastic in 1983. PlantBottle packaging looks, feels, and functions just like traditional PET plastic. The plant material is produced through an innovative process that turns natural sugars found in plants into a key component for PET plastic. Currently, PlantBottle™ packaging is made using sugarcane from Brazil, the only source widely recognized by thought leaders globally for its unique environmental and social performance.

Heinz Ketchup in PlantBottle packaging is the newest format to be manufactured in Heinz Canada’s Leamington, Ontario factory . The tomatoes that go into every bottle of Heinz Ketchup sold in Canada are grown from Heinz Seed by 46 contract growers whose fields are with 100 km of Leamington.

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