TORONTO — Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts has unveiled plans for a new Four Seasons Private Jet set to take flight in early 2021.

The new A321LR aircraft will be fully customised by Four Seasons and tailored to the continually evolving vision of its private-jet experience. The concepts embodied in the current Four Seasons Jet are being taken to the next level with even more space and thoughtful, guest-centric design to evoke the bygone glamour of air travel.

“The Four Seasons Private Jet experience defines modern luxury air travel, encouraging meaningful connections between people and places while delivering a seamless and highly personalised journey,” says Christian Clerc, president, Worldwide Hotel Operations, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. “Building on the tremendous success of our private-jet program to date, with consistent sell outs, waitlists and near-perfect guest-satisfaction rates, our drive to continuously innovate and push the conventional limits of travel has led to this new opportunity to experience Four Seasons like never before.”

Offering the widest and tallest cabin in its class, key features include a new spacious lounge area that invites socialising among guests, and also becomes the stage for a series of Four Seasons artisans to showcase their talents and craft in interactive workshops. Guests will have the opportunity to meet and learn from Four Seasons master chefs and mixologists, wellness experts and arts-and-culture aficionados for enriching in-flight experiences.

“When designing the new Four Seasons Private Jet, we were inspired by the glamour and prestige of air travel in times past, when every flight was a special occasion,” says Dana Kalczak, vice-president, Design, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. “With a laser focus on comfort and functionality, our aim is to create an environment that encourages spontaneous social interaction between everyone on board, reinforcing the power of connection.”

The jet will feature 48 custom handcrafted seats designed by Optimares and new purpose-built personal ottomans at each seat to encourage interaction and comfortable face-to-face connections. Lavatories are also being expanded for added comfort and flexibility, reflecting a more residential style.

The new design will also accommodate an expanded galley area, from which the on-board Four Seasons executive chef will prepare menus inspired by the journey itself.

In addition to an executive chef, onboard staff will include Four Seasons concierge, director of Guest Experience, physician and Four Seasons-trained in-flight crew.


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