Four Seasons Jet flying in the sky at sunset

TORONTO — The Four Seasons Private Jet Experience has revealed its first itineraries for 2025.

The 2025 calendar begins with African Wonders (Dec. 29, 2024 to Jan. 10, 2025), a shorter itinerary with minimal travel across time zones and perfect for families travelling with kids and equally enriching for couples and individuals. The itinerary begins in Greece and heads down the African continent with stops in Egypt, Tanzania, Rwanda, Mauritius, Zambia and South Africa, exploring ancient treasures, wildlife experiences and natural wonders along the way.

Additionally, Asia Unveiled (Mar. 3 to 18, 2025) offers an exhilarating mix of Southeast Asia’s pulsing cities and idyllic islands, and includes immersive experiences in five UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These first two itineraries for 2025 are ideal for annual vacations, school breaks and coordinating busy schedules around honeymoon, anniversary or birthday celebrations.

“Each Four Seasons Private Jet Experience has been crafted with a singular focus on our guests, building itineraries that celebrate the journey as well as the destination, and ensuring that each moment can be personalized to make the experience that much more memorable,” says Alejandro Reynal, Four Seasons president and CEO. “With Four Seasons’ genuine heart on display each step of the way, there is truly no travel experience quite like it.”

Later this year, Four Seasons will roll out additional itineraries on the 2025 calendar.


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