GITLAXT’AAMIKS, B.C. — The Nisg̱a’a Lisims government and the four Nisg̱a’a Village governments, in collaboration with Discover Nisg̱a’a tourism partners, have launched Discover Nisg̱a’a, a new consumer-facing brand for Tourism Nisg̱a’a, including a new website and social-media platforms to re-define sustainable Indigenous tourism in northwest B.C. as the pandemic subsides.

The destination showcases a primeval landscape of vast lava beds, pristine alpine meadows, lush temperate rainforests, natural hot springs, one of North America’s richest salmon rivers and Hli Goothl Wilp-Adoshl Nisg̱a’a/the Nisg̱a’a Museum.

“We Nisg̱a’a are known for our hospitality and we are proud to invite the world,” says Nisg̱a’a president Eva Clayton. “Take a moment to visit our new Discover Nisg̱a’a site, then make plans to come up and see Nisg̱a’a lands for yourself. You are welcome here.”


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