Christopher Bloore Farewell Message from TIAO

TORONTO — The president and CEO of the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario (TIAO), Christopher Bloore, is stepping down from his role on December 31 as he returns permanently to the U.K. He is leaving the organization after nearly three years, having led the organization through the COVID-19 pandemic and the beginning of the recovery period.

“One thousand, three hundred and nine days ago I started my first working day for TIAO. When I entered TIAO’s then University Avenue offices to work alongside Beth Potter, Carol Greenwood and Alexandra Rodgers, little did we know that just a few days later, a worldwide health pandemic would jeopardize the very future of the tourism industry in Ontario. Throughout this unprecedented period of lockdowns, border closures and restrictions on operations, I’ve been fortunate to work alongside exceptional operators, advocates and leaders from within the tourism industry as we fought to mitigate the very worst consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

He says “while we may not have won every battle, I’m proud of the critical financial support and regulatory changes we’ve delivered to support our members when they’ve needed it the most. Moreover, I’m proud we have and will continue to tell the story about the tourism industry in Ontario and amplify the voices of those delivering exceptional experiences throughout our province.” 

In his time as president and CEO, Bloore sought to broaden TIAO’s remit, build coalitions with non-traditional allies and speak to issues that have a significant impact on the future of our industry. The fruits of those new partnerships, most notably, the State of the Ontario Tourism Industry Report, still remains one of the most comprehensive blueprints for a bright and successful future for our industry. 

“I offer my heartfelt thanks to TIAOs members and stakeholders for their unwavering support and sage advice throughout my tenure. I would like to thank TIAO’s current and past board members for giving me the opportunity to lead such a prestigious association and TIAO’s staff team for being the most committed and exceptional group that I’ve been fortunate to work alongside,” he says. “I leave TIAO proud of what we have achieved together, safe in the knowledge that those working within the tourism industry have the resolve to continue the fight. Tourism, if given its fair share of investment and focus, can play a substantial and unique role within our provincial economy. 

Bloore’s final weeks as president and CEO will be focused on the next Ontario provincial budget and the Federal Fall Economic Statement and ensuring that the next president and CEO is in the best position possible to continue the fight for our members in 2024.

“We’ll miss Chris’ incredible passion for the Ontario tourism industry. Chris took over the role as president and CEO in May of 2021 while the industry was in the peak of navigating operations during COVID-19. An incredible advocate, community connector and leader, Chris has made a significant impact in his time with TIAO,” said Rebecca Mackenzie, Chair of the Board of Directors, in a statement. “Chris’ efforts strengthened TIAO’s presence with both government and media to show the value of tourism to the visitor economy and the need to re-build right coming out of the pandemic. Under his leadership, he and the team have forged relationships with a number of ministries to support the industry in creating programs to tackle labour challenges, building capacity at the operator level and developing new visitor experiences. Membership in TIAO quadrupled under his leadership. He ensured Ontario was at the table on all national issues representing TIAO on the Provincial & Territorial Tourism Industry Associations.”

The Board of Directors and its leadership team are working with the executive recruitment firm, Boyden, to engage a new president and CEO.


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