Ritz Carlton unveils new websites

BETHESDA, Md. —The Ritz-Carlton has unveiled a new collection of websites, introducing a digital experience that speaks to the future vision of the brand. The comprehensive re-design touches Ritzcarlton.com, more than 110 each individual hotel websites, RitzCarltonReserve.com, and the six Reserve property websites. As the first guest touchpoints, the new websites were envisioned to offer sophisticated digital platforms that are engaging and promise a seamless experience from start to finish that’s indicative of the brand’s thoughtful evolution and legacy.

The website is a key entry point for the brand, an opportunity to connect with guests before their arrival at a hotel or resort. It’s a platform where The Ritz-Carlton translates the brand’s longstanding gold standards into striking visuals, inspiring stories, robust editorial content and useful information. To bring their vision to life, The Ritz-Carlton engaged digital agency Code and Theory, who has worked with clients including Vogue, Cartier, LVMH, Hermès and more. The result is a design that evokes the elegance, sophistication, and service of The Ritz-Carlton.

Additionally, the typography nods to the brand’s iconic and collectible key cards, while the six-diamond pattern was inspired by the culture of The Ritz-Carlton. Dynamic, engaging video components enhance the experience, transporting guests to stunning destinations across the globe. Showcasing its own distinct aesthetic, the Ritz-Carlton Reserve website complements that of The Ritz-Carlton, while reinforcing the brand extension’s position in the ultra-luxury space, highlighting the prestigious portfolio and rare destinations with immersive video at the forefront of the digital experience.

“We’re incredibly excited to unveil a new digital experience for our guests, which is representative of the future vision of The Ritz-Carlton brand and reflects the more contemporary aesthetic found across our recently debuted hotels and resorts,” says Chris Gabaldon, senior VP, Global Luxury Operations, Marriott International. “These new websites, across both the brand as well as our individual hotels and resorts, helps enhance the entire experience, from the very first moment a guest seeks to stay with us to planning for their next vacation.”


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