Photo of Hôtel de Glace

SAINT-GABRIEL-DE-VALCARTIER, Que. — The Hôtel de Glace has unveiled its artistic theme for 2024 that will transport visitors on an extraordinary adventure through time. Under the theme of Historic Timeline, the artistic team is pushing the boundaries of imagination to create a Nordic experience that celebrates the evolution of our world. This year, visitors will be invited to take part in an exploration through the history of life, music, fashion, video games, sports, writing and more.

Every room of the hotel will tell the story of a period in history, from ancient to modern times. The ice sculptures will capture humanity’s most defining moments, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to experience a visual immersion of the past.

“In this 24th edition of Hôtel de Glace, every sculpture represents a page of frozen history, every room a time capsule and every visitor an ephemeral traveller on the frosted timeline of our imagination,” says Sandra Nadeau, VP of Sales, Marketing and Communications at Groupe Calypso Valcartier.


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