TORONTO — TE-active, a subsidiary of CTEH Inc., has partnered with Citizen Health Solutions to launch Boost! Concierge for hotel operators across Canada. This new service provides a convenient solution for guests looking to obtain government-required screening and COVID-19 tests without leaving the hotel.

Guests can now purchase a COVID-19 testing kit from a hotel and register through an online portal to set up an appointment. Then, a nurse will supervise the test virtually and will answer any questions regarding COVID-19 protocols. Once completed, guests can drop their test off at the front desk for lab pickup they will receive their test results online or via email.

The Boost! Concierge service provides guests with a PCR or Antigen test, reduces guest anxiety of finding a test facility in the city they’re visiting and opens up a new revenue stream for a hotel. Bulk testing is also available for conferences and events.


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