STOCKHOLM, Sweden — Scandic ‘To Go’, a portable hotel room available in the Nordic region, is the newest hotel concept by Swedish hotel chain, Scandic, reports Daily Mail.

Launched in June 2014, Scandic ‘To Go’ is a 194-sq.-ft. container that is shipped to any location (accessible by road or water) requested by a potential guest. The modern room is equipped with a water tank, sewage system and a generator.

“This is really a combination of two trends that we have seen developing,” said Johan Michelson, VP, Scandic Brand and Products to London-based Daily Mail. “The first is the ‘To Go’ trend. You take things with you wherever you want to go. And the second large trend is the pursuit of experiences. People have already experienced so much, so just checking in to a regular hotel room is not enough anymore.”

The room costs approximately $390 per night. []


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