CINCINNATI — New surveys from P&G Professional have revealed that, while businesses are re-opening, COVID-19 is still top-of-mind for consumers and it will be critical for businesses to re-assure their guests that it is safe to return.

In May, P&G Professional surveyed 850 frequent business and leisure travellers and 974 diners about how COVID-19 has impacted their expectations about future travel and dining experiences. The surveys revealed that more than 70 per cent of hotel guests and 80 per cent of diners believe COVID-19 will have a medium to large impact on their expectations, even as nearly 50 per cent of each group plans to return to their routines within the next three months.

The surveys found transparency around cleaning procedures and the products used can help guests feel safer and more confident, with 70 per cent of travellers and 58 per cent of diners said they would patronize a hospitality or foodservice establishment if they knew the business was using a manufacturer or brand of cleaning products they personally knew and trusted. In addition, 55 per cent of travellers would be willing to pay more for a hotel room and one in three diners would be willing to pay more for a meal if they knew the business was using a personally recognizable and trusted brand of cleaning products.

Each survey revealed that P&G Professional is the professional-grade cleaning manufacturer with the highest awareness and trust by respondents, with nearly 50-per-cent saying they have extreme trust in P&G Professional to clean a facility most effectively, versus 38 per cent of the next leading competitor.

“Now, more than ever, it is critical that businesses achieve and maintain a high level of cleanliness and disinfection to help ensure the health and safety of employees and guests,” says Paul Edmondson, Americas commercial director, P&G Professional. “Communicating the steps taken to achieve these new standards of clean is key to building trust with customers while rebuilding their business.”

P&G Professional has launched the CleanPLUS Experience to aide businesses in their recovery by offering resources and materials to help build trust with guests. Businesses who sign up for the CleanPLUS Experience will have access to co-branded digital and printed materials that showcase trusted name brands, such as Dawn Professional, Mr. Clean Professional, Safeguard, Spic and Span, Microban and Comet, to help give customers and guests confidence in the clean.

The survey also found that, for travellers, bathroom surfaces, high-touch objects, contamination from previous guests and presence of invisible pathogens are top concerns. More thorough and frequent cleaning is expected by 67 per cent of travellers and 61-per-cent expect to see more visible methods of cleaning, such as pamphlets and signage. Additionally, 57-per-cent expect more transparency around what hotels are doing to keep guests safe and rooms clean — both in-person and on the company website.

When it comes to dining, 70-per-cent expect more thorough and frequent cleaning, saying bathrooms, buffets, tables, chairs and counters are the most important areas to clean. Diners also support changes to staff procedures to ensure safety, testing sick employees before they return to work, and having employees wear masks and gloves.


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