Predator Ridge Resort

VERNON, B.C. — Predator Ridge Resort, owned by real-estate development company Wesbild Holdings Ltd., is launching The Ritz-Carlton Residences, marking the first world-class luxury brand to enter the Okanagan region and the first Ritz-Carlton standalone branded residential development in Canada. 

Coming to market in 2026, The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Okanagan, Predator Ridge, will be a huge step forward for Predator Ridge and the surrounding region, and will provide an opportunity to stimulate growth within the Canadian economy. Over the next decade, Predator Ridge will see an expanded trail system, a local winery partnership with O’Rourke Family Estate, a world-class Okanagan Gondola collaboration, as well as amenity introductions and expansions.

“For 33 years, Predator Ridge has evolved to become one of Canada’s premiere all-season resort communities, bringing regional and national success to the emerging Okanagan Valley. It is an honour to have been selected by The Ritz-Carlton, let alone be the host property for so many Canadian firsts,” says Brad Pelletier, SVP, Wesbild Holdings Ltd. “I’m incredibly proud of Predator Ridge’s initial vision and humble roots, but seeing the looks on The Ritz-Carlton executives’ faces when we toured them around our property and region was something I’ll never forget. This is the ultimate testimonial for what we’ve become.”

“Predator Ridge is rugged wilderness juxtaposed with refined serenity in its most elevated form. This type of contrast creates an artistic tension that’s an architect’s dream,” says Gordon Karau, director of Planning and Product Development. “We were saving the most compelling site to date, and when The Ritz-Carlton came into the picture, the stars aligned — right time, right site, right brand. We knew this piece of land deserved something special, and we’re glad we waited.”

“When scouting new locations for The Ritz-Carlton Residences, we look for destinations that transcend the ordinary — places with distinctive style and discerning attention to detail. Predator Ridge delivers all this and more with unmatched natural beauty and a clear vision of the property’s endless possibilities,” says Sarah Khalifa, VP, Mixed Use Development, Marriott International.

“We’re incredibly fortunate to have had the guidance of Avington Financial in the selection and appointment of The Residences. This relationship is truly symbolic of the greatness that’s to come to the Okanagan Valley,” says Pelletier. “The combination of a special region, unique community and global hospitality brand is the perfect foundation to celebrate Predator Ridge’s achievements with the world. This has been our best kept secret, but we’re ready to tell this story because it’s a vision we’re passionate about.”


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