CORNWALL, Ont. — Devcore has acquired the NAV Centre, a 63,000-sq-ft. multi-purpose hotel, training and conference facility in Cornwall, Ont. The facility has been re-branded as the DEV Hotel and Conference Centre.

The plan is to build two waterfront residential units, seniors’ residence and a low-rise residential development behind the main conference centre. Traditional housing is also planned, serving as short-term rentals for people who are coming to the area for work. A linear park, beach and marina, botanical gardens and green space, as well as a hotel outside of the main conference and training area are also in the works.

With regard to design, Devcore is prioritizing environmental sustainability with plans to reduce their carbon footprint with innovative technologies and energy methods, such as the 1VALET system.

Currently, Jean-Pierre Poulin, CEO of Devcore, is in discussion with Akwesasne as important neighbours and partners in the development of the waterfront strategy. Additionally, the company has been working with Immigration Canada over the last five weeks to receive new Canadians, many of whom are seeking asylum. There are roughly 350 to 400 people on site from many countries such as Africa, South America and Turkey. Devore is working with several local agencies, including Red Cross, to help the re-settlement process and help people get working permits.

“I’m very excited,” says Kim Coe-Turner, The DEV Centre’s VP of Business Development and Government Relations. “There is lots of opportunity for Cornwall with the Devcore acquisition, [and] it’s going to be a great thing. “The Devcore group is just very happy to have such a warm welcome in Cornwall. This will bring tourism and build more homes that are so needed in our area.”


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