FOGO ISLAND, Nfld. — A new, private air charter, operated by EVAS Air, is combining overnight accommodations at Fogo Island Inn with convenient, direct flights.

The Gander, Nfld.-based airline will offer flights between Halifax and Fogo Island on Mondays and Fridays, from July 12 to Sept. 9, 2019, which will allow guests from major American cities, including New York City and Boston, to arrive at Fogo Island within one day’s travel. With the new charter service, Fogo Island Inn hopes to facilitate more direct connections with its main markets in the U.S., U.K., Europe and the rest of Canada.

“This new air-access option will make it easier for more guests to visit Fogo Island Inn — less travel more Fogo Island time,” says Pauline Payne, director of Sales Systems and Revenue Management at Fogo Island Inn. “The new service is ideal for stays of three or four nights.”

The twin-engine Beech 1900D flight will run directly between Halifax International Airport and Fogo Island’s Aerodrome and will take 120 minutes each way.


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