March 2024 Digital Issue


As we turn the page on a new month, hoteliers are gearing up for a solid new season filled with promise and opportunities. This edition of Hotelier highlights a few of the key trends that promise to draw guests to hotels while driving new revenues for hoteliers. Among the areas featured in this edition are the emerging trends  re-shaping the workforce landscape; the growth in wellness floors and their potential to serve as a stepping stone for enhanced mixed-use revenues; and the power of harnessing data collection. And, after four years of challenges due to the lingering pandemic, our Tourism Roundtable highlights a culture of recovery as tourism stakeholders look to once again put Canada on the map. But that’s not all. This combined March/April issue of Hotelier features our annual Buyer’s Guide, serving as a one-stop directory of all the leading suppliers in the dynamic hotel industry.

Happy Reading!  


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