Seacuterie board of various foods, Photo credit: Allison Worldwide
Photo credit: Allison Worldwide

ATLANTA — Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants has released its annual Culinary + Cocktail Trend Forecast, highlighting predictions from its vast team of global culinary-and-beverage experts that will be featured on plates and bar menus in 2024.

A few trends that rose to the top this year include:

Tinned Fish and Seacuterie Boards

  • Chefs look to incorporate the diverse flavour of seafood in “seacuterie” boards that feature an array of tinned fish options alongside crackers, fruits and cheeses

Salt with a Story

  • Unrefined salts are having a moment in 2024, including Black Hawaiian Salt, Kala Namak and Persian Blue Salt, as consumers move away from table salt for something more unique

A New Wave of Umami

  • Mixologists across the Kimpton portfolio will begin incorporating different types of fat washing to elevate cocktails that will shock and delight

Unique Latin-American Spirits

  • Latin spirits such as Aguariente, Singani and Cocuy will see the spotlight in 2024 as unexpected craft cocktails take over bars

The Future of AI

  • Culinary experts will incorporate AI into t heir practices to increase sustainability efforts across the board and seek inspiration for new, unique dish ideas and flavour combinations

“Kimpton’s in-house culinary-and-beverage experts create unforgettable dining and imbibing experiences unlike any other,” says Scott Gingerich, VP of Restaurants, Bars + Events, Luxury & Lifestyle Americas, IHG Hotels & Resorts. “Our annual trend forecast creates inspiration and excitement amongst our talented restaurant and bar teams as they invent creative ways to incorporate these trends into their own creations. As versatile vegetables such as cabbage bring a fresh and flavourful addition to plates and umami flavours make their way into cocktails, Kimpton’s culinary-and-beverage program will continue to evolve and delight guests around the world.”

To view the full list of trends, click here.


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