July/August 2020 Digital Issue


As the hotel industry gingerly moves into the summer season, Hotelier shines the spotlight on this year’s crop of Top-30-Under-30 winners. Find out who made the grade and how they’re helping to shape the future. Plus, as hotels across the country begin to re-open their doors, especially in resort destinations, hoteliers are gearing up for the summer season and a return to business. But what does that mean and how are they facing the new challenges in this pre-vaccine COVID-19 environment?


  1. Wow, what an era to be hit with covid? If it wasn’t 9/11 bringing air transportation to a complete halt, and followed by security restrictions, it’s this, bringing travellers to an absolute stand still with 3 months of lock down and no place to return.

    We’ve managed to see Canada’s Atlantic Provinces co-operating enough to open Provincial Borders to themselves. But it’s only been a few days for this.

    My hat is definitely off to your managers & owners in every attempt you endeavour to keep the doors open, and all standards up.

    Chris P.
    Montreal, Quebec


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