VICTORIA — During the fifth-annual Ecostar Awards held in Victoria late last month, the Huntingdon Manor Hotel and Pendray Inn and Tea House captured the prize for Greenest Lodging.

The award acknowledges a lodging business that has demonstrated initiatives to reduce waste, energy consumption, water usage, pollution and greenhouse-gas emissions in its daily operations.

“We’re incredibly proud of our entire team for their hard work in 2019 and ongoing commitment to social responsibility, with special thanks to our Sustainability manager, Julia Canton. We realize there is so much more we, as an industry, need to do,” says Erin Cassels, general manager of the Huntingdon Manor Hotel and Pendray Inn and Tea House.

The awards ceremony was held November 21 and took place in the Delta Hotel by Marriott Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort. Past winners of the Greenest Lodging Award include the Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort and the Parkside Hotel in Victoria.


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