Great Blue Heron Casino & Hotel live entertainment and special events venue

TORONTO — Great Canadian Entertainment has revealed the brand-new live entertainment and special events venue at Great Blue Heron Casino & Hotel.

The venue boasts a total capacity of nearly 800, making it an ideal space for a wide range of events, from live performances and concerts to corporate gatherings. The versatile layout allows for various seating configurations, with options for round tables set banquet style, theatre seating or general-admission options allowing for larger events. The absence of strict capacity restrictions under different layout scenarios offers event planners and organizers the flexibility they need to create memorable experiences for a variety of events.

Spanning 12,637 sq. ft., the venue offers an expansive and modern setting. Featuring an open-cell ceiling grid of approximately 4.4 metres, it adds to the overall aesthetic appeal and ensures a variety of technical systems can be easily installed.

“We are delighted to introduce this exciting new live entertainment and special events venue at Great Blue Heron Casino & Hotel,” says Stella Gallant, general manager, Great Blue Heron Casino & Hotel. “This new addition represents our commitment to delivering comprehensive entertainment and event experiences for our guests and providing yet another reason to visit this exciting property.”


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