MONTREAL — Jacques Lapierre has been named vice-president of Operations for Gray Collection. The appointment is part of the company’s brand refresh as well as the new vision of the hotel and catering sector that Gray Collection wishes to convey.

After stints in renowned luxury hotels across North America, including Toronto’s Bisha Hotel and the Loews Hotel 1000 in Seattle, where he held key strategic positions, Lapierre held the position of Hotel William Gray’s general manager.

“It’s important for us to promote the exceptional talents we have within our company,” says Dimitri Antonopoulos, president of Gray Collection. “Mr. Lapierre is known for his strategic vision and his strong leadership skills, which are considerable assets to succeed in this brand-new position within our company and to contribute to Gray Collection’s growth.”

In his new position, Lapierre will manage the operations of all the establishments of the hospitality group, including four hotels, 10 restaurants and terraces and the Spa William Gray.

In addition to the company’s Montreal assets, Lapierre will also be responsible for the group’sbrand-new expansion in Ottawa with the upcoming opening of the Metcalfe Hotel and the Cocotte Bistro scheduled for the summer of 2022.


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