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With the sudden arrival of December, it’s time to cast our eyes to the year ahead, but not until we take one last look at the past year and acknowledge the various highlights and achievements of those who have managed to break ground, who have moved past the setbacks and, in doing so, have crafted a narrative that reflects the epitome of excellence. 

While it’s clear that the hotel industry has not been able to totally put the pandemic behind it, and the impact of COVID-19 continues to reverberate across all industry segments ― and undoubtedly will continue to do so for many years ― it’s re-assuring to see that an increasing number of hoteliers have moved valiantly forward, breaking free of the pandemic’s stranglehold, all the while learning valuable life lessons along the way that will serve them well in their next chapters. 

Once again, this year’s Pinnacle Award winners are a testament to hard work, creativity and dedication. This year’s winners also share another common trait — they’ve not let the pandemic define them. Despite the ongoing challenges and the various ups and the downs, they’ve been able to stand out from the pack by daring to believe in themselves and by daring to dream big. Perseverance and resilience are part of these companies’ playbooks, sprinkled with creativity, imagination and tenacity. 

While the past few years have been a rollercoaster ride, filled with unexpected twists and turns, and global geo-political events are once again forcing us to navigate through uncertainty, we’ve learned that in life all we can do is adapt to new circumstances. Along the way, the pandemic has forced us to learn many important lessons that will undoubtedly shape our future actions and decisions. Certainly, challenges test our resilience and resourcefulness, but they also force us to dig deep within ourselves to find strength and new opportunities for growth. 

As we close out the year and look forward to celebrating the holidays with family and friends ― while also taking a much-needed pause in our daily frenetic lives ― we hope you get to enjoy the wonder of the season. We’d like to wish all our readers and advertisers alike the very best of the holiday season. Though the world continues to spin faster every day it’s more important than ever to pause, reflect and cherish what we have, while always hoping for better in the world. 

On behalf of the entire KML team, we wish you good health, happiness and, as always, a touch of magic during this holiday season. And, with a new year upon us, we hope it holds great promise and potential, while continuing to dream big in order to realize a brighter future filled with hope, fulfilment and the ability to fuel positive change. 

Happy New Year! 


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