The Toronto-based Four Seasons hotel company is teaming up with local breweries to create custom beer and service offerings across the U.S.

Seattle’s Four Seasons Hotel has created a custom beer called Never Trust a Skinny Chef, and Jelle Vandenbrouke, chef at the hotel’s Art restaurant, is serving dishes inspired by the custom beer such as Skinny Chef Ale ice cream.

Four Seasons Resort, The Biltmore Santa Barbara, has teamed up with the Telegraph Brewing Company to create its own custom beer, too. The extra-pale ale, named 1927 Ale, is served at the Resort’s Ty Lounge.

Across the country, the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston is offering custom beer stations and a travelling ‘kegerator’ at weddings and other events. The beer offered is exclusively Boston-brewed.

Aside from custom brews, every Four Seasons hotel serves authentic local food pairings and dishes.

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