Forests Ontario and Resorts of Ontario member holding tree saplings

BARRIE, Ont. — Forests Ontario has partnered with Resorts of Ontario to advance environmental sustainability and forest conservation within Resorts of Ontario’s member resorts and tourism communities across the province.

Over the coming months, the two organizations will develop opportunities to amplify their impact on forest conservation and sustainable tourism through joint awareness campaigns, events and tree planting and restoration projects for resort visitors and local residents alike. To mark the beginning of this collaboration, Resorts of Ontario will be joining forces with Forests Ontario to distribute seedlings at the Resorts of Ontario 30th annual golf tournament at Monterra Golf at Blue Mountain.

“Resorts of Ontario is thrilled to partner with Forests Ontario to promote responsible and sustainable practices within our industry, and restoration in general within the province,” says Kerri King, executive director of Resorts of Ontario. “So much forest land was impacted in the summer wildfire season. Our association members recognize their roles as stewards of the land, and this collaboration is an important step in making meaningful change and setting a new standard for environmentally conscious tourism in Ontario.”

“We’re thrilled to be working with Resorts of Ontario to enhance our urban and rural tree cover and strengthen our natural ecosystems in communities across the province,” says Jess Kaknevicius, CEO of Forests Ontario. “Through our 50 Million Tree Program, we’ve planted close to 40 million trees in Ontario, and know those new, thriving forests will sequester significant amounts of carbon over their lifetime, as well as help clean our air and water, boost outdoor recreational activities and help improve our health and well-being.”


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