SEATTLE — New research from Expedia Group Media Solutions has revealed that although 90 per cent of consumers look for sustainable options when booking, 70 per cent feel overwhelmed with navigating options and making the best choices to be a more sustainable traveller. In a similar way, Expedia Group has re-affirmed its commitment to sustainability by joining two initiatives focused on accelerating a more environmentally responsible tourism industry.

Expedia Group has joined the Travalyst Coalition in support of its mission to empower travellers with better information and encourage travel providers to improve the sustainability of their offerings. Additionally, the company has become a signatory of the Glasgow Declaration for Climate Action in Tourism, committing to cut emissions in half over the next decade and reach net zero emissions before 2050.

“As Expedia Group moves our sustainability strategy forward, we are committed to taking action to address climate change and working across our industry and with a range of partners to shape a more sustainable travel and tourism sector,” says Aditi Mohapatra, vice-president of Global Social Impact and Sustainability, Expedia Group. “Travellers are looking for ways to minimize their environmental footprint while travelling, and to make a positive impact on the destinations and communities they visit. And they are increasingly turning to our platform for inspiration and guidance to inform their decisions. By joining these two critical industry collaborations, the Travalyst Coalition and Glasgow Declaration for Climate Action in Tourism, Expedia Group is aligning our business towards a net zero future.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Expedia Group to the Travalyst Coalition,” says Sally Davey, CEO of Travalyst. “Since its inception, Travalyst’s mission has been to transform travel into a wholly positive industry. Driven by data and the core belief that travel is a force for good, Expedia Group’s commitment, platforms and data will enable Travalyst to help more travellers and travel providers make better choices for themselves and the planet.”

Additional insights from the recent Sustainable Travel study from Expedia Group Media Solutions include:

  • Nearly 70 per cent of consumers are willing to sacrifice some element of convenience in order to travel more sustainably;
  • Nearly three in four travellers would choose a destination, lodging or transportation option that supports the local community and culture, even if it was more expensive; and
  • Recommendations for locally-owned businesses, restaurants and transportation options that have lower environmental impact is the leading type of sustainable travel information consumers want to see when planning a trip.


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